The coconut mattress is perfect for an adult user. It is ideal for allergy sufferers, for whom sleeping comfort depends not only on the hardness or size of the mattress, but also mainly on the anti-allergic properties of the materials used to build it. They are especially recommended for people who prefer a harder bedding, who do not like the effect of ‘drowning’ in a mattress. They are ideal for heavier users, as they have high resistance to deformation. High resistance is the reason for high durability and stability of the coconut mattress. This type of mattress is ideal for people who are troubled by persistent back or neck pains, because it has orthopedic properties. This is a harder type of mattress which will be ideal for those who prefer a slightly harder bedding.

Is it worth choosing a coconut mattress?

A coconut mattress makes for high sleep hygiene – it gives good air circulation, is anti-allergic, does not allow bacteria and microorganisms to grow inside the mattress. Coconut mattress is also characterized by high stability and evenness of the substrate, which consequently leads to its high durability. It also provides adequate support for the spine and helps relieve back pain. It is safe for our health and does not require special, complicated care. It should be regularly aired and its surface should not be flooded. This mattress will certainly take care of the high level of hygiene in your bedroom. This kind of mattress can be easily found in mattresses online stores, but my opinion is, that it’s always better to go furniture store in dublin and try it before purchase.