Coconut mattress is characterized by high hardness, stability and is not susceptible to deformation. This makes it one of the more durable mattress models on the market. On the scale of mattress hardness, the coconut mattress is at the level of H3 and H4 – which in the four-stage scale is a symbol of a hard and medium-hard mattress.

Why is coconut known and used in mattress production? Because it has many positive qualities required by manufacturers. Coconut fibres – especially latex fibres – are characterised by high resistance to deformation, thus extending the life of the mattress. Coconut fibres have anti-allergic properties and prevent the development of microorganisms and mites inside the mattress. They are therefore ideal for allergy sufferers. Another desirable feature of coconut fibres is their hydrophobicity – they absorb moisture and carry it outside the mattress. Due to the natural character of the mattress we can be sure that our mattress does not emit any harmful substances or toxins. 

Who is a coconut mattress for? It is suitable for infants who need a stable and flexible mattress – especially when sleeping on their back. An adult will feel best on a coconut mattress if he or she likes harder and stable mattresses. People suffering from various allergies should also take a closer look at the coconut mattress. Such a mattress is perfect for people weighing +80kg. It is also ideal for seniors, who are more exposed to spinal problems. You can easily buy this kind of mattress in any furniture shop dublin. Pirce of this mattresses online, can be little bit cheaper, but it’s always better to check it by yourself and try it before purchase.