Renowned hotels around the world boast comfortable beds. All of this is to gain the title of the best. Hotel beds allow you to spend the night in comfort. After a whole day of sightseeing or work, everyone wants to afford a bit of rest. The hotel must provide guests with quality sleep. This is why so much emphasis is placed on a comfortable bed. Often this furniture attracts attention with its original design. In the morning we wake up rested. No wonder that we are looking for a solution that will allow us to enjoy comfort every day – at home. The answer to the needs of the most demanding users is a continental bed. What is it and what distinguishes this bed as in a hotel?

How is a continental bed built?

The secret of a continental bed is its unique construction. It has a lower box, which is placed on the legs. This box contains a spring insert, which is covered with an upholstery insert. A suitable surface mattress is placed on top. In addition, continental beds may contain an additional thin mattress for maximum hygiene. The mattresses are covered with upholstery on the sides and on the base. This is the same fabric that is used to cover the entire bed. The continental bed has an unusual height, because it starts from about 50-60 cm above the floor. What distinguishes this type of furniture is the excellent ventilation. No moisture or mould accumulates. The bed has a modular structure. This means that they can be combined into one large bed or set up. It often has a comfortable, upholstered headrest. No wonder that a continental bed is a perfect choice for hotels. It will also work well in home bedrooms! Unfortunately this kind of beds are not cheap beds, and you have to prepare a large budget if you want to feel like in a good hotel.